Race Reports

Below is a list of race reports and news articles we have compiled and/or has been submitted to us. They are by no means a comprehensive list, but they will give you an idea about the race. If you have a race report or review to submit we’d love to hear it! Submit it here.

Albums from various Photographers

2018: Black Hills 100 Mile (Randy Ericksen)

2018: Black Hills 50 Mile (Randy Ericksen)

2018: Black Hills 50k (Randy Ericksen)

2018: Black Hills 30k (Randy Ericksen)

2017: Black Hills 100 Day 1 (Randy Ericksen)

2017: Black Hills 100 Day 2 (Randy Ericksen)

2017: All Distances Near Finish (Johnathan Karol)

2017: Black Hills 50 Mile (Johnathan Karol)

2017: Black Hills 100 Mile (Johnathan Karol)

2016: Black Hills 100 (Randy Ericksen)

2015: Black Hills Ultra (Randy Ericksen)

2015: Black Hills 100 Photos (Angie Ondriezek, Jennifer Bush, and Johnathan Karol)

2014: Black Hills 100 (Randy Ericksen)

2014: On the Trail (Jennifer Bush)

2014: Finish & Awards (Jennifer Bush)

2013: Black Hills 100 (Randy Ericksen)

2013: Trail Photos (Jennifer Bush)

2013: Dalton Lake (Jennifer Bush)

2013: Awards & Finishers (Jennifer Bush)

2013: Start (Jennifer Bush)

2013: 50 Mile and 100k Finish (Alissa & Kaley)

Black Hills 100 Videos