Regan BC

Excellent event — very well-run. Event staff and volunteers were really amazing. Course markings were clear. Super beautiful terrain!! I’ve done the 30k (2015) and the 50k (2018). It’s incredible to see the 50m and 100m athletes!

Mike Bendt

Beautiful, relentless course. Top notch race directors and great volunteers.

Adrienne Fratczak

Such an awesome race with amazing race directors who put on an organized, fun, party of a race! The volunteers were wonderful and the course was spectacularly beautiful! Thank you guys!

Dakota Wagner

No better way to experience the Black Hills than to grind through the unrelenting terrain! Top notch race with great volunteers!

Juli Tripple

Challenging and beautiful course. The race is done very well! Kudos to the directors.

Karen Sackett

Great Race.. The race directors and their families are nice and great to work with, their team of volunteers are just as great!!

Sherri Hunter

Fun!! Will be back.

Lora Sokol

Amazing trail through the beautiful Black HIlls. Rugged and challenging. Great volunteers and good organization. Kudos.

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